Robin Johnson Jr

I have more than 20 years of training experience  and through that have developed an intuition — for lack of a better  word — on how to address and assess the various problems people face  with their bodies.

I  personally have seen my fair share of adversities. I’m not the kind of  guy who sugar coats things. I am very straight forward, which I feel is  necessary in my field of work. For far too long, people have been misled  into thinking three minutes of this and this pill or diet will change  their lives. It’s not that simple.

When I work with my clients,  we focus on more than just a physical workout. Rather, I craft routines  that incorporate the physical, mental and emotional aspects of an  individual.

This is my life and my passion. This is what I have  devote my energy and time to. I am far from perfect and have a long way  to go before I can say that I have reached my full potential. But who  knows maybe we will move forward together in our journey toward living  our best.

My Story

We often fall vulnerable and sometimes  look to outside sources for extra motivation. That is where I want to be  of assistance; I want to be a stimulus for people who are feeling burnt  out and need that extra bit of exterior inspiration. At MVP Elite  Fitness , we are a family with real people, real lives and real stories.

Like many of my clients, I have a past that is filled with obstacles and challenges.

I  want to share a piece of myself with you. If there is one thing that I  want you to take out of it, though, it is that I am here today ––  successful, healthy and happy because of my past and the array of  obstacles I have defeated.

Once I decided it was time for me to  pursue my dream of owning a training facility, I took the leap of faith  and went for it.  With help and support from those closest to me, I  found a location, negotiated a lease and acquired equipment.

I’ve  realized my clients are always more important than money. They become  family; no dollar amount could replace them. My first and foremost  priority is to develop great trainers and help my client’s live happier  and healthier lives.