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Scheduling Policy

 To reserve a time slot with an instructor, training fees must be paid in advance for the sessions scheduled.

If  it is necessary for a client to cancel a session, the instructor or  facility must be notified 24 hours prior to the session. Failure to do  so will result in the client being charged for that session.

We  understand that there are certain situations that are inevitable. It is  at the final discretion of the President of MVP Elite Fitness whether to  charge or dismiss a session. A session can be rescheduled for a more  convenient time provided your trainer has a time slot available.

Call or email your trainer directly to discuss rescheduling or to give a notice of absence. If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Payment Policy

MVP  Elite Fitness accepts Venmo, Paypal,check, most major credit cards, debit cards and  cash as payment for sessions; all payments are non-refundable.  A  returned check fee of $30 will be charged to your account for any  insufficient funds. 


Instructors  will wait 15 minutes past the appointed session time for clients to  arrive.  After the 15 minutes have expired, the instructor may consider  it a forfeit of the session.  We understand that problems arise and it  is at the final discretion of your trainer whether to charge or dismiss a  session. 


"100% Committed to ensuring you reach your goals.  Professional, Knowledgeable and fun to work with!"vels i didn't think were possible.  He keeps you laughing and smiling the entire time!.. "

- Courtney Stearns

"100% Committed to ensuring you reach your goals.  Professional, Knowledgable and fun to work with!"

- Sheila Joyce

"Robin is the most amazing trainer i've met!  Not only will he work hard to help you achieve your goals... he will keep your workouts fun and engaging!... "

- Viv Lynn

"He will definitely will help you reach your fullest potential!"

- Tiffany Womack